Service Commitment

At Safe Shark Hosting, we believe that bloggers, content creators, and site owners shouldn’t have to be web developers and server administrators if they don’t want to. We believe that many bloggers simply want to create content, not manage how it’s presented and worry about whether or not your server is going to go offline in the middle of the night due to hacking or poor management.

In short, Safe Shark Hosting offers as much technical support as we are capable of performing, which is generally at a deeper level than most large web hosts. For many of our clients, we currently manage their WordPress installations, themes, and plugins, ensuring they stay current with the latest released updates to help keep sites secure. We also make plugin recommendations based on customer needs, and perform minor changes to pre-existing themes. We offer suggestions and perform evaluations to keep the sites we host loading as quickly as possible, reducing bandwidth usage and helping to ensure blogs survive being linked on large social media sites.

If you’re currently running a blog or website, we’ll help you move your content to ensure nothing gets left behind – completely free of charge.  In comparison, charges $129.

All web hosting plans come with a firm commitment to respond to any non-critical issues within a 24-hour window. Hosting servers are constantly monitored to detect unexpected downtime, and users will be notified of any planned downtime or service outages in advance as much as is possible.

We do not overload our servers to maximize profit – period.

Safe Shark Hosting has a 99.9% uptime guarantee – if your site is unreachable for more than 43 minutes per month due to issues on our end (and not due to user misconfiguration, etc.), we will work with you to make things right, be it refunds, bonus features/upgrades, or free months of hosting.