I was referred to Safe Shark Hosting from my friend Jan who's now Community Manager at SSH. I did some comparison shopping of the different plans provided by several companies, and Safe Shark felt the most affordable for someone just getting into the podcasting business. I've been extremely happy with the customer service provided during the initial setup period, which included help in getting my new show up on iTunes. The transition of my Wordpress site was quick and easy, and as I've continued with SSH the customer service hasn't let up one bit. The packages provided are a great value and I'd recommend Safe Shark Hosting to any blogger or aspiring podcaster.

Realm Maintenance


There are so many advantages to moving from the free WordPress hosted version to a self-hosted one, particularly when it's done by safesharkhosting.com. I've always loved various features from other blog sites but due to certain limitations within the free hosted CMS, this was never possible. The ability to customize your themes/css exactly the way you want, plus the addition of various plugins has been great. Adam has always provided great customer support, his emails remain fast and efficient (even with time zone differences) and he will work with you until all problems are resolved. He will even take over the whole migration process if you prefer, no matter the size. His prices are very competitive for all the services offered so give them a try if you're looking for a host.


I am very glad to have found Vitae as a blog hoster. He's very prompt about responding to support issues. Vitae is supportive to his blog clients, keeping a watchful eye for any bugs and offering helpful suggestions to make your site cleaner and easier to navigate. The affordable prices he offers, as well as the variety of plans, make blogging seem far more do-able than I had ever anticipated. Thank you Vitae!


I looked a lot of places for a hosting provider that would give me more than just a home. I was looking for the full package, someone that would do hosting, provide me with a domain name, and good customer service. Safe Shark Hosting gave me all that and so much more. Adam is always there for any question, and can help you with anything from getting set up to helpful plugins. I'll never go anywhere else.


I approached him because I was unhappy with my last webhost. The free hosting plan he offered were too good to be true, so I immediately took him up on his offer to host my two sites. Throughout setting these up, he has been very helpful with troubleshooting. The customer service you get with safesharkhosting.com is incomparable to any other web hosting company, because he will work with you until the problem is fixed! I would recommend this web hosting company to anyone who wants to try playing around on the Internet, he walks you through everything if you need help and guides you through everything. For the more experienced web developer, he will just let you do your thing and that's just as awesome.

It's been a great pleasure of mine working with Jadissa!


While I’m new I feel like I’ve found more than a webhost with Safe Shark Hosting.  Service has been great and more importantly I have confidence that my host will stand up for me if things get bad, and that problems will get fixed quickly.  I’ve met some great people, and feel like my host cares about me as a person, and not just my money.  What more could I want?


A testimonial is a very short story that is effusive with praise.

Vitae is simply the best host I've ever had the pleasure of being aligned with. I haven't had many webhosts in my life, but I don't expect I'll need more, honestly. He is not only technically brilliant, but he's got the real human touch with his professionalism. He puts in a lot of extra time and effort to make sure that your website is to your specifications and feels like "home." Not only does he provide really amazing customer service if something is broken, but he also will help you out if you're just stressed out about something minor like a commenting system. He adds plug-ins he thinks you not only want, but need.
Stellar person, I suggest his hosting to anyone who might be in the need of a site.


I transferred over from a WordPress hosted blog to a self hosted package and have never looked back. Adam from Safe Shark Hosting took control over the hosting transfer and my blog was up and running on my own domain within 12hours. Incredible service and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to make the move.


The speed and quality of the support that I've received has been unbelievable, especially as I'm located on the other side of the World!


I've been hosted for a few months now with Safe Shark Hosting, and I must say compared to most traditional hosting services, Jadissa's is the best.  I've paid large and small amounts of money to get subpar service and felt like a source of revenue more than valued customer.  But with Safe Shark Hosting, you get a nice community of bloggers, a great admin and never a hiccup, always in contact and very personable.  No complaints here!


I can't be happier with safesharkhosting.com! Moving my blogs over and getting everything set up was done quickly and before I knew it, I was blogging again with no down time. For some of us, our blogs are our lifelines, it's our writing history, or our cry out against injustice. I'm confident in my blog's security and availability to my readers, which is something that I never really had where my blogs were hosted before. When I have a question or want to change something up, Vitae is a tweet away or an email away and has always been extremely quick to get get back to me. It's more than just service to me, it's the help I need when I need it by a person who knows exactly how much my blogs mean. I can't find that anywhere else.


Setup was quick, and I didn't even have to handle the transfer from Wordpress at all. The price is obviously great, but the quality of support I've received blows any other free hosting I've used away. I'd be happy with this kind of service at even a nominal fee, but for free? It's absolutely unbeatable.

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