Bad Behavior

It’s pretty tough to run a blog for very long without dealing with spam comments – and as you start getting more traffic, the spam comments start rolling in at higher and higher rates. The Akismet plugin that ships with WordPress is a fantastic place to begin stemming the tide of garbage that might otherwise threaten to overwhelm you, but some days even Akismet simply isn’t up to the challenge.

Enter Bad Behavior.

I won’t spend time lauding this plugin’s accolades and adopters – the plugin page points out some noteworthy users, and the download count speaks for itself.  What I will say is that this plugin is a fantastic and powerful complement to Akisment – not a replacement.

Spammers are a creative lot who continually shift how they manage to unleash a torrent of U BUY SEX SITE and FAKE PURSE FOR CHEAP, and many of them use pretty easily scanned words or garbage links that Akismet can pick up on and automatically recognize as spam. The problem is that your site still has to spend the time scanning all those incoming comments and filing them away appropriately. If your site is popular or even just experiencing a spike in traffic, this isn’t something you want to deal with – slower page times lose readers. You have to remember that to post comments, these spammers (even automated ones) still need to load your web page, which costs you bandwidth, too!

Bad Behavior kicks in before the comment spam can start. Using heuristic detection, Bad Behavior can figure out if the person/computer requesting your page is friend or foe. If it’s foe, it won’t even load the page to allow them to post the comment! If it’s a friend, or appears to be a friend, they won’t even notice a thing.

Spammers get a page like this - or in very rare cases, a person might see this.

I installed this plugin on one of the bloggers I host who has consistently high traffic (and consistently high incoming spam) approximately two months ago. Here’s what it managed to do in the past week alone:

That's just shy of 250 pageloads per day that were blocked as likely to be spammers.

In comparison, here’s what Akismet’s done on the same blog – and this is data for four months:

In comparison, this comes out to about 25 comments blocked per day.

That’s a lot of potential spam that Bad Behavior blocked that Akismet might’ve had to tangle with. I can’t speak for you, but I know I’d much rather be worry free.

If you’re a current customer of Safe Shark Hosting and would like us to install this plugin for you, let us know! If you’re not a current customer, what are you waiting for? Low prices, fantastic customer service, and a plethora of satisfied customers. Let us help you blog at your best!


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